It can be very confusing just understanding what is happening in your own life, let alone trying to comprehend moving from one dimension to another! It is not as confusing or technical as it sounds. Basically the human race is evolving spiritually, it is our energy and emotions that are changing, we are opening up different avenues in our brains and our energy field that enables us to connect with our sixth sense and be more aware emotionally and spiritually. This could have been causing the more psychically sensitive people to feel drained or emotionally exhausted and many of you could have found the last few years gruelling. Sometimes to grow spiritually we have to endure hardship or challenges, which is what has been happening to many people all over the world. With these challenges our heart chakra has become more open and our priorities have changed we also have more compassion and empathy for others – if you think about what happens when there is a world disaster, suddenly people from all over the world will send aid and healing prayers to the people that have been affected, when usually we would not give a total stranger a second thought!

For people that have no concept of what is happening it is a time of fear and you will find many people will be negative or frustrated, blaming other people or world leaders for all that is wrong. More light workers are needed to help lift the energy on the planet to aid the transition and help quell the negative fear, which it is why it is essential that you be true to yourself and follow your inner calling – if you know you want to help others but don’t know how or feel you are being blocked, just try and take time out to just be...................be mindful of all the good things in your life or the beauty that surrounds us daily one way or another and if you can still your mind you can then listen to your heart as love and unconditional love are all part of the energy that aids you to be in the fourth dimension in preparation to going onto the fifth, which will enable you to live IN THE NOW, there will not be the concept of time limitations, the past will not affect you with fear and you will live with a sense of joy and peace and be aware of your inner power.

Many people thought that the changes would just take place automatically after December 2012 and have been left with a sense of disillusionment and lack of direction, this uses up too much left brain activity and would indicate that they would benefit from meditation to help balance their inner energy. The changes have been happening over the last few years, it takes time to adapt to the new feelings and sensations, you wouldn’t expect to start weight training in a gym and on the third day be able to lift the heaviest weights!! You would build up your strength and muscle tone gradually lifting heavier and heavier weights until the heaviest became easy, it is the same as adapting to the new energies, at the start only some of your cell energy will be able to resonate on that frequency and the more familiar you become with the new energy the stronger it will flow through you, until in the end all the old worries and fears would have fallen away and you will be living in harmony with your surroundings. and the new energy is starting to pour through much quicker.

Third dimension

We have been living for many years in what has been referred to as the third dimension – that is based on timelines, where we plan for the future or let events that have happened in the past affect us emotionally or worry about our future security stops us enjoying the moment we are in. We also follow inherited family patterns or can endure misery and hardship brought about by fear, putting too much emphasis on material security. What has been happening the last few years as we are being prepared for the next phase is the material security and emotional relationships have been threatened – people are being forced to live in THE NOW more and more, which we are all capable of doing, it is just the human mind (ego) that gets in the way and can cause much unnecessary worry. It is usually through times of hardship or suffering we surrender to a higher power and either turn to loved ones or friends for support or reach deep inside ourselves to connect with our soul, this is why it has been so painful because we try and resist change, if you can open up and trust you will always have enough of what you need and adapt to the changes, letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns the transition will be much smoother for you.

Fourth dimension

Most people are fluctuating between the third and fourth dimension at the moment, which can leave them feeling physically or emotionally tired one week and full of excitement or energy the next week, the coming months will speed up the transition and people will find it much easier to live in the now and make necessary changes, they may feel like moving home or changing jobs or have the need to try a new hobby – not holding onto negative thought patterns, relationships or behavioural patterns that could have held them back. The fourth dimension is serving as a stepping stone from which we move into fifth dimensional consciousness. You will find your higher heart chakra opening and you will live with a deeper sense of peace, knowing and unconditional love for yourself and others.

Fifth dimension

The increasing frequencies of the Shift are activating different parts of our brain and cell memory to enable us to access greater abilities than we thought possible in the third dimension.These light energies are preparing us to open up our consciousness. We already have the potential, right now, to be fully active in this dimension. But our habits of thinking and feeling, bought about over many lifetimes and generations of family patterns, limit us to 3D experience.Our rational mind needs to understand or ‘control’ our world, if we can recognize control is an illusion and at anytime anything is possible we can shed these limiting patterns and create a better world.

Time in the Fifth Dimension is perceived as the Eternal NOW or present, if you think something it will materialize – all negative thought patterns will be gone.


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