Linking with your guiding star

Each star system will affect us differently. As the earth was being affected over millions of years different meteors from several planets and star clusters formed the earth we know now. Our bodies were formed from the same minerals as the earth and like the earth and everything on it we are made up of over 75% water, we can see the effect the moon has on the sea and tides and it is widely accepted that people get more aggressive around a full moon, what we have to remember is all the other stars in the universe are affecting us on some level also, and depending on the main influence of minerals (or star dust) you have in your body certain stars will affect you more than others. Past life memories can also be triggered by certain planetary activity. You can also link to a certain star system to help you manifest different aspects of your life, below I have listed a few of the strongest star clusters, but if you feel drawn to a certain star or have a name pop into your head, look it up you may find it is your guiding star!

PLEIADES (the seven sisters) There are a few hundred stars in the group, but only nine have names and seven are more famous. The energy of Pleiades helps you link to your higher self and connect with your subconscious mind to help you connect with your psychic gift and clear deep rooted blocks or past life or inherited patterns you may feel are holding you back. If you find yourself linking with the Pleiades star cluster you have probably had a past life in ancient Egypt or mexico or as a Sioux Indian (or more than one) and will have an analytical mind that you can find hard to ‘switch off’ sometimes. Visualising the stars sending down love and light to you will help you release blocks, because the stars are moving the energy is heightened and you will be able to connect with your psychic gift easily.

SIRIUS (the dog or rainbow star) Sirius is highly visible in winter as it is the brightest star in the sky. If the star were placed next to Earth's sun, Sirius would outshine it more than 20 times over. Egyptians based their calendar on when Sirius was first visible in the eastern sky, shortly before sunrise. They called it the "Nile Star" Because of its size it gives out a huge amount of magnetic energy that affects our sun and in turn affects our magnetic energy. It is an excellent star to focus on if you want to use the ‘law of attraction’ in your daily life as it will enhance your magnetic abilities. If you feel drawn to it you have probably had a past life in atlantis or ancient Egypt (or both) you will be a deeply feeling person that tries to please other people and can often become a ‘magnet’ to people that are having difficulties, that will turn to you for help. You would benefit from carrying crystals on you to help protect your aura. Try doing a visualisation where you link with Sirius twinkling away in the sky and feel all the power and energy pouring down onto you filling your energy field with gold magnetic light, especially if you are trying to manifest money!

ORION (The hunter) Again this is another star cluster that was very important to the ancient Egyptians, and the pyramids were thought to have been built in line with the three stars that form orions belt (meant to symbolise the hunter’s belt).The stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians. It is a very good star group to work with if you are starting a new venture or studying as it will help you achieve what you want and will aid success for any new ventures. If you feel drawn to orion you would have either had a past life in ancient Egypt or as a native American shaman or medicine man and you could be drawn to natural herbs and healing in this lifetime. If you are starting a new venture visualise that you are linking with the great hunter in the sky, imagine you have a belt made of three bright stars and they will aid you to fulfil your souls purpose.

NORTH STAR (Polaris) It is often thought to be the brightest star in the sky which isn’t the case, but it is the most constant as it can usually be seen whatever the weather and has been used for thousands of years as a guide to travellers to show them which direction is north. Therefore it is an excellent star to link with if you need grounding on earth or need to sort out practical matters. If you visualise the north star as a spotlight shining down on you illuminating any hidden blocks you were unaware of and guiding the right people to you that can aid you on your souls journey, it can be very helpful.If you feel yourself linking with the north star you would have had a past life in Europe and most likely would have travelled alot and could be feeling like moving or making big changes in the near future.

ANDROMEDA (a galaxy) Although Andromeda is a separate galaxy it is one of the next closest to our milky way and does have a profound effect on the energy affecting our solar system and will aid you in the transition between the fourth and fifth dimension, if you feel drawn to it your soul would have had a previous existence on other planets and you would be here on earth to aid others to cope with this transitional time, you will feel drawn to work with angels and may feel a strong link with the golden ray. If you are trying to recall blocks from this or a past life, imagine you are surrounded by the beautiful spiral energy that it forms and feel the light particles in your body linking with your cells connecting to your subconscious mind, helping you work through and dissolve any blocks effortlessly. Donna teaches more about this subject on her workshops.


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