Learning The Tarot With Donna Maxine

The Tarot course Donna runs is in three stages, you can either learn it in a group with Donna, or in your own time at home as it is available as a long distance course.

First Stage (introduction)

The first stage will provide you with a set of Tarot Cards and fundamental knowledge of the Tarot. Donna will explain how the cards relate to each other so you can build up a clearer picture of what is happening in your life. Donna will explain how the Tarot Cards can show you any past life influences or Karmic tests and how they are affecting your life at this time.
Donna will be teaching you to understand in detail some of her favourite spreads, which will give you more accuracy and confidence in your predictions.
Other courses will be available to those of you who wish to expand your knowledge further. However, the introductory course will lay the necessary foundation for further advancement or your own personal use with Tarot Cards.

Second Stage (intermediate)

This is a continuation of your studies and helps you understand in more detail how to link the cards together, giving you a better understanding of combinations of the cards. Donna will explain how you can use the cards to help pinpoint specific problems affecting your life (or a person you are doing a reading for) and will be giving detailed meaning's regarding health, love , work, travel, property, finances, career, spiritual , growth, karma etc.
The cards can also be used to clarify underlying problems you maybe experiencing, which can be linked to Karma and past life influences. They also show the spiritual guides working with us, helping with relationship problems, finances, health matters and general insecurities.
Donna will also be helping you to understand how you can intuitively read with the cards and covering other useful spreads that can help gain insight to situations.
Most people find that after completing this course, they have a greater understanding of what they have already learned and have more confidence in their intuition.

Third Stage (advanced)

This course is a continuation of your studies including some combinations (these are explained in more detail) but the main emphasis moves onto other methods of divination, especially developing your psychic intuition and understanding the spiritual links with the cards. Donna will explain how the Tarot can help you understand in more detail, Karma and past life influences and how they are affecting your life and how you can help people to work through any blocks. She will explain how to clear Chakra blocks using the cards to help you pinpoint the underlying problems which can help with relationship problems, health matters and general insecurities, you can also link colours and crystals with the cards. Donna will teach you how to see Auras and use Dowsing with the cards and one of her favourite subjects, working with Angels and the Tarot Cards

Donna does teach as many groups as she can, but if she is unavailable, she will provide a teacher that has learnt with her.

A Few Words From Donna Maxine About Learning Tarot

I have been using the Cards for many years and have always regarded them a "a wise old friend" with great knowledge. Used properly, the Tarot Cards can provide very practical guidance for the future and a deeper insight into situations and ourselves. Which can help us understand and deal with emotional and practical problems or issues.

I have been teaching the Tarot for many years, and many of the students that chose to learn with me have gone on to become professional readers. Some of them have also become very good teachers. Even if you have only decided to learn about the cards for personal guidance, or to help friends, I'm confident that you will find the course enlightening and helpful.

Learning the Tarot is not just about learning the meanings of each of the Cards; it is as much about a journey of personal discovery and connecting with your higher self and intuition (which is always your best guide), so try not to "compare" yourself to other students, or worry that you may say the wrong thing. When you are doing readings, intuition plays a large part, and this should develop as the course progresses and your confidence in your own ability grows.

There are so many combinations of Cards that remembering them all can be a daunting prospect. I have always found it helpful when learning to relate them to people and situations I know, and to practise on friends and people I feel comfortable with.

I have written a list of "pointers" to help you relate to the cards, but I am always open to new suggestions, so if you have any hints of your own that have helped you, I would appreciate you telling me.

I have personally gained a great deal of understanding, emotionally and spiritually, from working with Tarot Cards and I hope that this Course helps you in the "Quest" that is as much about understanding yourself and dealing with everyday life as it is about predicting the future.

Best Wishes

Donna Maxine


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