Benefits Of Understanding Past Life Or Ancestral Memories

I think we have to recognise that we inherit our eye/hair colour, bone structure, mannerisms etc from our ancestors so it also makes sense that we would inherit their subconscious memory pattern as well. This is fine if our ancestors were calm and positive people that never had any problems but as we know, there has been so much hardship in the last few hundred years that there could well be some inherited fear or thought patterns of being alone, unwell or a reluctance to travel or venture out in the world because of an inherited memory. This also applies to past life memories. I personally believe that our soul comes back to earth in different bodies but within the same soul group (often families can come back many times together), to learn and experience many different types of life experiences. Usually it is always somehow connected to the good of the soul group and therefore by knowing and understanding that, you can change patterns or clear blocks can help others as well as yourself.
For people that do not believe in reincarnation they can often accept it easier if they can recognise they are releasing a memory pattern from a great, great grandparent - rather than thinking they may have been that great, great, great grandparent in another lifetime. Our DNA is said to hold our memories of past lives and we are often affected physically as well as emotionally because of this - often people will get a physical pain in the exact spot where they have been injured in a past life.
This can also work in a positive way as many ancient cultures/tribes were much more spiritually attuned. Our ancestors had more respect for nature and seemed to be more in harmony with the planet. Much can be said about "getting back to our roots" by tuning into the genetic DNA code of our ancestors.

Also in days gone by people were very superstitious, often cursing families, accusing people of witchcraft and putting people in stocks etc. People were often forced to believe in certain religions otherwise they could be killed, so people often lived in the shadow of fear. It is important to release these fears as they can cause a lot of inner conflict for us. Past life memories are similar to childhood memories, as the subconscious often does find it hard to recognize how long ago things happened - for example if you went on several family holidays as a child to the same place, but visited different beaches or parks and on one trip you fell and hurt yourself, it sometimes can be a bit vague to remember exactly which year you fell, you just remember it was on holiday as a child. It is similar for the soul memory, sometimes if a vow was taken that meant a lot to the person in that life (either a marrige vow, religious vow or a vow to protect your country) the subconscious memory can act as though the vow was taken in this lifetime.
That is how we can benefit from recalling past lives as we can then change the frequency in the Aura by releasing the vow or promise that was made that may not serve us well in this lifetime.

Often a good way to explore a past life is hypnotherapy BUT there is no point in regressing to a past life if you do not clear the fragments of memory that is bought to the surface of the aura/cellular memory, as it can change your energy levels, emotions and aura. For example if a person has a regression session where they are reliving or watching a past life that reminded them of a particularly distressing life that shown them running away in fear from danger/a person/a spider etc THEY MUST THEN HAVE SOME KIND OF HEALING TO CLEAR IT! If they do not it can having damaging effects on them psychologically and physically. It is a good thing to experience a past life regression if you are having repeated patterns or fears that are hindering your life, but would advise that you only go to a person that has been recommended to you. The past life tarot readings and karmic palmistry readings Donna gives helps people understand what they are working through on a karmic level but as it is not as intense as regression many people find they can deal with the after effects in a calm and balanced manner.

The Importance Of Releasing Past Life Memories

Each past life memory and recall normally has a certain type of karmic lesson or testing situation attached to it for the person to understand what they are working through. Often people go to a hypnotherapist for regression BUT there is no point in regressing a past life if you do not clear the fragments of memory that is bought to the surface of the Aura/Celluar - memory with it.
If they do not release what they have brought up to the surface it can have damaging effects on them phycologically and physically. They have brought the fear up, but not dealt with it so ultimately all the therapist has done is bring the wound to the surface, but they have not released the pain or fear or whatever it is that troubled the questioner from their cell memory.

If you do any meditation on past lives either on yourself or with another person, please clear the subconscious cell memory afterwards. I can't tell you the amount of people who come to me and say "I have been for a past life meditation or regression" and then their life has spiralled into a vortex of chaos, because they have brought an issue up to deal with it and now they need to work through it. The subconscious does not really know if a person experienced the fear they have recalled during meditation yesterday or ten lifetimes ago and it brings all this negative energy up to the surface.

A simple meditation or regular affirmations where you say "I willingly release any cell memories I am holding on to" and if you remember in a past life that you were attached to a bully or were afraid of a person, then you can consciously 'unhook' that person from your solar plexus in your mind, do a meditation where you visualise unhooking whoever you visualised in the regression/recall and just simply say out loud you want to release that soul fragment or memory because they do not belong with you in this life, or words to that affect.


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