Workshops available with Donna Maxine

Introduction to Palmistry

Donna will be briefly covering the history of palmistry and how understanding the palm can help you make better decisions in your life. She will be explaining how the palm changes frequently and helping you understand the basic shapes and lines of the hand. A day for you to discover if studying the palm in detail is the right path for you. This is a MUST day for people wishing to seriously learn the palm with Donna at a later date.

Karmic Palmistry

The lines and markings on the palm of the hand we write with change frequently and can indicate what karmic lessons/tests the person is experiencing, as the earths energies are changing the lines on the palm are changing more rapidly and the karmic markings that show the different lessons/tests and the souls destiny are becoming stronger. During the passage of time as the lines and markings change it is an indicator of how much karma has been worked through and can show if we are following the correct soul path. Knowing what to look out for on the palm will help you work through blocks and help you fulfil your souls purpose.

Scrying (crystall ball reading) & Mandalas

Donna will be working through some "simple" techniques and psychic exercises, to help you tune into your own psychic gift. Including using Mandalas to help you work through your chakra's and for meditation. She also gives you an introduction to Scrying (Crystal Ball reading), which is a very good way to develop clairvoyance.

Psychic development day one looking at how to see & read Auras

Techniques to help you 'tune in' to your own intuition and open your Third Eye which will help you enhance your daily life and connect with your guides. Several Methods of divination (fortune telling) explained. Donna will also help you recognise which type of natural intuitive gift you have and how to gain the most from your gift. She will also be teaching you how to see and Read Auras.

Clearing & Strengthening the Aura

The signal our Aura sends out into the Universe influences the type of relationship's and experiences we 'attract' into our life. Donna will be explaining how to clear the Aura from past experiences and past life blocks that maybe affecting your health, finances, relationships and holding you back from achieving what you want in this life. She will also be teaching how to protect your Aura from negative energies.

Balancing the Chakras and connecting with the Hara line Chakras

There are many energy points in the body and Aura that are know as Chakras. The most commonly known are the seven main energy centres in the body. They run in a straight line up your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head. When the Chakras are balanced, the energy flows into the Aura in a gentle manner. However if one or more of the Chakras become blocked, the energy becomes fragmented, affecting our ability to cope with experiences of life out of balance. We also have other Chakras, which are known as the Hara line Chakras. At this time when there are so many changing energies, it is crucial that you keep your Aura as vibrant as possible by balancing your Chakras and aligning your Hara line Chakras. This will help you be in touch with your own intuition, to see the way forward on your life path.

An introduction to the Runes

The runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet. There are several versions available - the most well known version is the elder futhark. In the one day introduction workshop day Donna explains about the three sections (called aetts) which link to different areas of our life and demonstrates easy ways to remember them. She also teaches you easy to read spreads to help you deal with daily life.

Rune course

In the rune course Donna helps you make your own rune set and explains in more detail the emotional, physical, financial and spiritual interpretation of the runes so you will be able to gain a fundamental understanding of them to help yourself and others.

Raise Your Vibrations and Enhance Your Psychic Intuition

Before we came to earth our soul had already chosen the path we would follow in order to grow. Our higher (psychic) self is aware of what those choices were. Every day stress with relationships, finances, career, health as well as the changing energies of the planet have left many people feeling blocked and confused, That is why it is so helpful to raise the vibrations of your aura keep it as clear as possible so you can trust your intuition and fulfil your chosen destiny.On this day Donna will help you raise the vibrations of your aura so you can flow in harmony with the universal energies surrounding you and show you how to make decisions that will enable you to move forward on your soul’s chosen pathway. She will also explain to you simple techniques that help you connect with your psychic intuition and spiritual guides which will enhance your daily life.

Connect to Universal Energy

As most of you are aware the earth’s (and universal) energies are evolving and changing rapidly, bringing us to the point we find ourselves now, moving from the third to the fifth dimension. Donna will help you to understand which energies are affecting you as an individual. With the correct understanding of how each star system affects us differently and how to link with the new energies, we can embrace the change and reach our souls full potential. For more information on booking a place, and other workshops, go to White Thyme – Donna Maxine FB page

Workshops available by other Teachers

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