Most people have heard of Auras. It is an energy field that surrounds the body or any object. The word Aura comes from the greek word Aer (air) and its an energy force that surrounds matter. The Aura will change colour several times at any one moment as it reacts to our thoughts and feelings and can change instantly. You will notice that in most pictures or drawings of Angels , they always have a wonderful glow around their body, which represents their Aura.

When first learning to see Auras, it helps to start practising on the Aura of plants and trees and then progressing to animals and then finally progress on to human Auras. It is helpful to be able to see a persons Aura, especially in psychic or healing because it can tell you alot about the person you are dealing with. The biggest block to seeing Auras is the fact our conscious mind doesn't believe we can. Scientists have proven that there is an invisible energy around the body and when somebody is "tuned in" psychically the Aura does change greatly.

There are several layers to an Aura, it is generally believed that they link with the person's Chakras. Most people who read Auras are actually seeing about three layers, but a persons Aura can be as much as ten feet wide. Each layer represents a different aspect of our emotions, health, physical and mental state in general. You can "heal" your own Aura.

The first layer of the Aura is known as the etheric or physical layer, it is often seen as a white band of energy approximately 1 - 2 inches from the body. This layer reflects our physical vitality and health and our general approach to life. If it is very low the person can be feeling drained and run down.

The next layer is the astral layer, which is supposed to show the persons emotional and mental state at the time (this is actually made of several layers) but it is too difficult to differentiate so looks like a block of different colours. This is the one that appears to change all the time i.e if somebody was lying, it would suddenly go bright yellow behind the back of the head. If somebody you found attractive walked in the room it would grow and usually turn pink but sometimes gold etc. If somebody is unwell it is usually green but very weak and fragmented. It is between four to twelve inches from the body.

The third layer is supposed to reflect a persons spirituality and higher consciousness, this is much harder to see and you will probably will only be able to manage this after years of practice. It is usually silver or gold but it has been reported to be also seen as a very brilliant white light. If you have been mixing with the darker side of the occult, this layer can become serverely damaged which can affect the whole Aura.

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