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Meditation Cds Available With Donna Maxine

Aura Clearing Meditation - £10

The signal our aura sends out into the universe influences the type of relationship’s & experiences we ‘attract’ into our life. Past experiences as well as past life blocks can stop us from moving forward in many area’s of our life. There is an introduction that helps you understand the importance of clearing the aura and a quick technique that can be done daily as well as the guided meditation that is easy to follow and helps you clear any blocks and strengthen your aura.

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Opening & Aligning the Chakras - £10

There are many energy points in the body and aura that are known as Chakras. when the chakra’s are balanced the energy flows into the aura in a gentle manner, however if the one or more of the chakras become blocked, the energy becomes fragmented, affecting our ability to cope with experiences of life out of balance. At this time when there are so many changing energies it is crucial that you keep your aura as vibrant as possible and by balancing your chakra’s and aligning your hara line chakra’s it will help you be in touch with your own intuition to see the way forward on your life path. There is an introduction that helps you understand the importance of balancing the chakras, as well as the guided meditation that is easy to follow.

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The Violet Flame - £10

The violet flame is a very powerful protection and cleansing energy which can help you transmute any negative emotions into positive feelings and change the vibration of your aura. It links to angel Zadkiel and St Germaine. In this CD Donna guides you through a meditation that helps you connect with angel zadkiel and gain greater insight to your souls purpose.

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Relaxing Colour Breathing Meditation - £10

We live such busy lives always rushing around that it is hard sometimes to switch off and relax. When you are relaxed your aura becomes calmer which helps you connect with your intuition which helps you in your daily life. Visualising colour enhances your energy field and strengthens your aura. In this cd Donna talks you through simple breathing techniques using colour as a way of relaxing and enhancing your energy. It is ideal for people that are new to meditation, but also will help people that are too busy to do a long guided meditation and just need a 'quick fix' to their energy field!

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Raising your Vibrations - £10

The message our aura sends out to the universe affects what type of emotions and experiences we go through. Our subconscious can hold memories of people and events that have upset us for many years and can sometimes block us from moving forward on our soul path. In this powerful guided meditation Donna will talk you through releasing subconscious blocks - either negative patterns of behaviour or painful memories which will help raise the vibration of your Aura.

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Past Life - £10

Our soul has experienced many lifetimes and often our subconscious cell memory can become confused, we can bring back blocks from previous incarnations that can hinder your souls progress in this lifetime. This guided meditation can help you clear any past life blocks or inherited ancestral memories to help you fulfil your souls purpose in this time of transition.

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