Earths Changing Energy

As most of you are aware the earth’s (and universal) energies are evolving and changing rapidly, bringing us to the point we find ourselves now, moving from the third to the fifth dimension.. The shift in the universal energy and its affect on mother earth has been building up gradually over the last few years and has now started speeding up, nature is changing, flowers and trees blossom at different times, the weather has been gradually changing, the concept of time is different and many other noticeable differences are happening.

The planetary changes that have been affecting the earth’s vibration have also had a profound effect on each person, some people are feeling really excited about the changes and are embracing the new energy, but more often the transitional stage is leaving people feeling bewildered or confused. People are experiencing major changes in their circumstances or their way of thinking, living in ‘the now’ and becoming aware of the power of positive thinking, all of these are signs we are already living in the fourth dimension, which is a transitional period. Some people can resonate with the change in energy intuitively, some will study science to try and make sense of the changes. Having a fundamental awareness of what is happening helps you to move forward without fear.

The planet we live on now was originally formed over eons of time by different elements of the universe and our solar system shaping and changing the earth. We have meteors and ‘star dust’ from several parts of the solar system that have affected our land and sea and eventually our physical human bodies. The energy changes that take place on earth that cause natural disasters and other physical changes are also causing emotional or physical changes in us, as we are formed from the same minerals and chemicals as the earth, it is essential to remember that everything on earth is connected, that there is a similarity in the DNA profile between humans, animals and even trees and plants.

Expand your mind for a moment and recognize that earth is also part of a bigger solar system and then expand your mind again and be aware our solar system is part of a bigger galaxy that is part of a vast universe, that all links together we are all connected, but some people will be more affected by certain star clusters or planetary activity as their DNA may resonate with that stars vibration, they literally may have ‘stardust’ in their body. It has been an accepted fact for many, many years that the moon – and obviously the sun affects our physical world, and people that are open to understanding astrology will also recognize other planets affect us emotionally, but many people forget stars can influence us also. Ancient cultures were very aware of the stars affect on earth, many people believe the pyramids in Egypt were built to correspond with stars in orions belt and the ancient Mayans believed the earth revolved around a prominent star in the Pleiades star cluster that they believed would be directly aligned with their pyramids in December 2012 (because of the changes in the universe it was not as directly aligned as they thought it would be, but never the less it was a powerful time in earths transitional process).

Keep Your Own Energy Field As Clear As Possible

Before we came to earth our soul had already chosen the path we would follow in order to grow. Our higher (psychic) self is aware of what those choices were as the transitional energies become stronger people will be directed to fulfill their souls purpose, but some people do not know what their souls purpose is, they will just know they are feeling dissatisfied in their current work or life situation.

We are very fortunate as there is a wealth of knowledgeable people that have written informational books, DVDs and created television programmes that help explain quantum physics and the law of attraction, teaching us that there is an abundant supply of universal energy that can help us manifest anything we want.

If you can keep your aura and chakras as balanced as possible it will help you to connect with the flow of energy that is in constant supply and will aid you along your chosen pathway. If your chakras are blocked or the vibrations in your aura are repeating past patterns you will not be able to ‘tune in’ to the source and will become frustrated and disillusioned, Imagine if you plugged an electrical appliance into the plug socket, you expect it to work but the plug had a loose wire, you would have to rewire the plug before the electricity can flow through and you can use the appliance for what it was intended for! It is the same principle for us, the universal power is there for us to tap into anytime we want BUT WE MUST BE ABLE TO RECIEVE IT, so we must make sure we are as receptive as we can be.

If you have tried several times to manifest what you want, or tried to find what your souls purpose is and keep feeling as though you are hitting a barrier and nothing is changing, you could have a block in your chakras or aura which could be constantly repeating a ‘loop’ in your energy (as the third dimension is linked to linear time and past patterns or inherited memories can keep playing out time after time in our life), that loop will need to be cleared so you can connect with your inner power and then easily connect with the source. The chakras link to the layers of the aura and they are affected by our day to day experiences as well as things that have happened in the past, so it is essential to clear any blocks that were formed in childhood or any inherited patterns of behaviour – or in certain cases past life memories- also if you have had a particularly stressful situation or work in a negative environment that can really drain your energy field – so it is helpful to visualise yourself inside a shield of light or the violet flame to keep yourself ‘protected’ from stressful energies.


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