Working With Guides And Angels

Your guides are with you through your lifetime to guide you and make your lifes test easier to overcome. You have your main Guide that is with you from birth, they often have known you in a past life or guided you in other lifetimes. You also have several different Guides that come and go when needed, depending on what you are doing in your life.

You must remember the Guides And Angels cannot change what is written in your destined path - so many people get angry or shout at the Guides when they feel their life isn't going the way they want it to - they are there to GUIDE US - to give us the inner strength to make the correct choices for our soul path.

I think the best way you can interact with your Guide, is to think of them as a best friend - you would not ring your best friend up and say "get me a new job/relationship/money etc", you would ring them up and say something like "I am confused what to do about this situation, can you help me decide?" And then you would talk through things.

The testing situations we face are made harder by our inability to accept them and if we ask for help for strength and guidance from our Spirit Guides, we would find it a lot easier to have acceptance, which is one of the hardest lessons to learn for a human personality. For example: If you were in a classroom with a teacher you would not keep getting up and walking out every time they tried to tell you how to work a problem out, but emotionally when the same situations keep occuring, we are all to quick to blame others and not look to our higher self for the answers which is the equivalent of walking out of a classroom. The best way to learn would be to ask yourself why does the same scenario keep happening, and what role are you playing to make it happen?

We also have Angel Guides that can help and we have a Guardian Angel that is with us from the day we are born. There is also a Higher Angel Guide that watches over all our incarnations, but that one doesn't have direct involvement with answering our calls for help. We can call in any of the Angels which are there to help us at any time we ask. You have to ask the Angels to help, they cannot intervene without being asked first. If you see a flash of bright coloured light out of the corner of your eye, that is usually your Guardian Angel.
There are many books you can buy about Angels and some of them give you good meditations or information on how to know your Gaurdian Angels name.
Rather than asking for them by name, I choose just to ask my Angel Guide to help me to give the best guidance i can for the questioner. There are several different levels of Angels, from Cherubs, which are like counsellors to dominions, which help us intergrate the material and spiritual worlds. When you call for help from the Arch Angels, it helps to use their names. Visualising the colour vibration of that particular Angel can also help you tune into them. You can do this in meditation but also if you need help in your day to day life, you can ask for help even for simple things such as asking for a parking space to be made available to you and they will help you find one. When you have Angels helping you, you will usually find a white feather in quite unusual places. That is a sign that you are being protected. You must remember that Angels, like Guides can help you to cope with any situation but they cannot change your karma

Try not to get fustrated if cetain situations don't improve over night because you may still be working through karma. Therefore, it is best to ask for strength, courage, unconditional love etc, rather than asking to change the situation.
The energy of the Arch Angels is so strong that the effect of them intervening in our situation can be almost immediate. They come in on several vibrations and are often seen as strong vibrant colours of the energy they work with.

You also have to remember to thank them or the Angels/Universal Power or whatever source you gain strength from because that is something people seem to forget.

For more information on working with Guides and Angels you can contact Donna Maxine


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