Learning Palmistry With Donna Maxine

You can either learn palmistry in a group with Donna Maxine, or in your own time at home as it is available as a long distance course - including the introduction one day workshop.

Introduction To Palmistry Available As A One Day Workshop

Donna Maxine will be briefly covering the history of palmistry and how understanding the palm can help you make better decisions in your life. She will be helping you understand the basic shapes and major lines of the hand. A day for you to discover if studying the palm in detail is the right path for you.

Palmistry Course (stage one)

The markings on the palm can show a lot about a persons general personality, their present, past and future, and their emotional well being.
Donna Maxine will be explaining how the lines on the palm change frequently and teach you the meanings to the shapes of the hand and fingers and how to interpret the character and daily life of a person through the lines of the palm.

Palmistry Course (stage two)

Stage two covers more in-depth the meanings of the minor lines and how they relate to health, love, finances, career, relationships and chakras in the palm. Wether you would like to become a professional palmist or just to help to enhance your own life, this course will help you to attain an in-depth knowledge of the palm.

Palmistry Course (stage three)

As well as giving us a greater understanding of a persons personality traits and their life now, the palm can also tell us a lot about what karmic lessons a person is working through at this time, regarding love, money, health, family and much more. It can also tell you if the person you are reading for (or yourself) is an old soul, and what type of past lives they have experienced. Donna Maxine will give you simple guidelines to see if somebody is an old soul or if the person has met their soul mate, is on the correct soul path and much more information. This course is helpful to people that have knowledge of the standard meanings of lines on the hand and helps you discover much more.

For more information about learning palmistry with Donna Maxine, please contact us and state palmistry as the subject.


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