As well as giving in depth palm readings Donna teaches a palmistry course in three stages, this is available as a weekly or weekend course and as a long distance course where she will send you notes and CDS so you can learn in your own time. There are also one day palmistry workshops available that give you a comprehensive understanding of the palm and karmic and past life meanings found in the hand. please contact Donnamaxine@aol.com for further details or look on Donnas facebook page Donnamaxinewhite which will have regular updates.


The basis of Palmistry is often very misunderstood, the majority of people think it is ‘fortune telling’ – in the past Doctors used to use it for physical and psychological diagnosis. Then it started to be practiced by Romany gypsies and psychics and now it is most frequently used as a method of fortune telling - it obviously can be used as a tool to give guidance to people for their future, but it also can help people understand their natural character traits and which type of career/partner/hobby would be good for them. the best way to think of palmistry is as a map of our life, emotions, health etc and the best thing about it is it is like a map that CHANGES to warn us of delays setbacks or shortcuts up ahead

The most fascinating thing with palmistry is how quickly the lines on our hand can change. depending on what is happening in our life, how we are feeling both physically and emotionally and any outside events that have or are about to happen. A person does not have to be psychic to be able to be a very accurate ‘palm reader’ as you begin to understand each line and the way they correspond with other lines on the palm you can build up a very accurate picture of what is happening in a person’s life and their emotional state. The lines in the palm that represent what a person has already been through do not change, but if a person can release emotional issues from their past that have been affecting their confidence the lines can fade. Even if you can’t remember the meaning of each line and individual mount on the hands, building up a basic picture of the palm can help you understand another person better. it also shows the condition of their health and can give pointers to which career would be better for them etc. There are several different techniques for reading the palm and every book you read will advise something different - Donna uses a mixture of western and eastern palmistry to gain a fuller picture.

One hand (active hand) corresponds to events taking place in a person's life at the time of the reading, the other hand(passive) shows more what is destined to happen to them. Obviously, a person always has ‘free will’ and should always do what feels right for them ahead of anything they are told in a reading, palmistry should only be used as a guideline to help people concentrate on their positive traits and avoid negative tendencies. Some people will use the palm as a ‘tool’ to tune into their intuition rather than learning it in depth.


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