Different Uses Of The Tarot

There are many different uses of the Tarot Cards, predicting the future being the most widespread use. The Cards are a very good "self help" tool, as they show you your soul's path in this lifetime, so if you are feeling confused, you can choose a card and use its meaning to guide you emotionally, financially or just to get some general advice. It is very important not to become too dependant on the cards and start living your life only on what they say. They are to be used the same way you would follow road signs to reach a destination, as a guide to what is up ahead on the road, but ultimately you are responsible for your choices and reactions when driving.

Combining Clairvoyance or other psychic abilities with the Tarot Cards is very positive. The cards are used as a tool to tune into psychic intuition, the more you use them you will find that your psychic intuition becomes stronger, when you are doing a reading, if certain thoughts pop into your mind that are not related to the cards that you have chosen, that would be your intuition guiding you.

Counselling using cards is a very popular and helpful way of using them. This way the reader uses the cards to encourage the Questioner to analyse their own thoughts and feelings, and to help point out underlying problems. You can also use them if you are a healer as they can help show what is emotionally causing the physical problem.

Many readers will combine the two methods, depending on what they feel the questioner needs. If you want to use the Tarot Cards mainly on the counselling side, there are many books that deal specifically with that method.

Tarot Cards are also a good tool to use for meditations, either privately or in groups. Picture yourself inside a particular card. Study the various symbols and how they relate to you (this is also a good exercise for learning the meaning of the cards). After the meditation, write down your thoughts and feelings.

Some people still use the Tarot Cards to play games, and packs can be brought specifically for that purpose.

Whatever you plan to do with your cards, you will develop your own style over a period of time and be able to judge what would benefit your Questioner the most.


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