How To Cleanse And Protect The Aura

Having regular healing helps you to keep your Aura Strong

As the Chakras have such a strong influenceon the overall quality of the Aura, it is very important to try and keep them as balanced as possible as this will help to keep the Aura strong.

It is helpful to visualise a gold or white light flowing through the Aura every morning to strengthen it - visualise a fountain of light starting at the Base Chakra and then pouring up through every cell, tissue and muscle in the body, Coming up through the top of your head and also running down through your feet into the earth. As you are visualising the light, say out loud "this golden light cleanses me, this light heals me, I am the light" (or you can say it in your mind if you are sharing a house with someone you are not too comfortable with).Some people find visualising themselves in a violet beam of light a more powerful way of doing this.

Deep breathing is a good way to cleanse and strengthen the Aura, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times, just by changing your breathing patterns it can enhance the frequency your Aura sends out. It helps to visualise breathing in white light and "see" the light spreading through your body.

Water is a powerful cleanser, if you live near the sea, try and swim in the salt water, if not at least once a month try and add three tablespoons of sea salt or salt crystals to your bath.

'Smudging' (burning herbs or incense and wafting the smoke through your Aura preferably with a feather) is used by Native American healers and is a very good way to cleanse the Aura, house or any object you are trying to clear. White sage is a very popular one to burn for overall cleansing and well being. Pine is very good to burn to release any negativity, especially if you have draining people around you.
Frankincense or Sandalwood are good to burn for connecting with your spirit guides. Cedar or Rosewood is good to burn to release deep grief.

Spraying the Aura is also a good way to cleanse it, you can buy ready made Aura sprays or you can make your own using flower remedies or aromatheripy oils mixed with water, spray about 10" - 14" from your body and let the mist drift over you. This is especially good for people who do not like the smoke generated by smudging.

Chanting or saying affirmations also helps you define the boundries of your Aura.

Writing down all negative memories or experiences and then ripping the paper up or burning it are a very powerful way to release negative pockets in the Aura.

Sound vibrations is a good way to clear the Aura, either listening to relaxing music or using Tibetan bowls can make a big difference to our vibration.

Getting enough sleep and cutting out any toxins can also heal a damaged Aura.

Healing wands are very good at clearing specific blocks in the Aura.

Crystals are excellent to use for both cleansing and maintaining the balance in the Aura.

Quartz Crystal is very good for absorbing negativity. If you work with the public, it is good to keep one near you. It is also a very good cleansing crystal and if you are physically channeling or tuning in, Quartz helps you to clear your energy field very quickly. Most healing wands are usually Quartz Crystal points.

Any layered crystal clears the layers of your Aura if you have problems going back to the past or insecurities left over from childhood, it is better to use a layered crystal. None of the delicate layered ones can be put under water, like Selinite or Kyanite.


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