Benefits of Cleansing the Aura

These are exciting times we are living in, the earth energies are changing rapidly, we are leaving behind the age of ‘Pisces’ and moving into what is most frequently called the age of ‘Aquarius’ or the ascension.

As this shift is taking place, we are all having to adjust to the changing vibrations and nothing will feel as safe or comfortable as it did before. Now more than ever as well as keeping our mind’s focused, it is essential to keep our aura (energy field)as clear and strong as possible. It takes time to adapt to the changes and for those of you that are more psychically ‘tuned in’ (often referred to as light workers) the changes will be happening very rapidly - many of you will be feeling as though you do not know where you ‘belong’ any more, you may find the things you used to enjoy doing do not bring you any satisfaction anymore - its similar to living in the same house for many years with familiar ornaments etc and then waking up one day to find the colour scheme is totally different and the ornaments are missing. It is the same house, same rooms , but everything feels different and something inside is missing, it may not feel like home anymore.

To cleanse the aura thoroughly can take time, but by doing weekly meditations or affirmations you can maintain boundaries in your energy field so you are not picking up other peoples debris.

If you think of your aura in similar terms as the subconscious mind - every single thought we have had or event we have experienced will have affected its vibration at some point, if you have gone through times of extreme hardship or had a shock, it can leave a very dense patch of energy in the aura, the longer this continues to be left there, the more it builds up and eventually can change the whole vibration that the aura sends out - and as you already know the signal that we send out is responsible for the type of situations you attract into your life, therefore the ‘lighter‘ the vibration the better it is.

Many of you are already aware that every cell, tissue, muscle etc in our body contains memories of past lives and so does one layer of our aura. we are often affected physically as well as emotionally because of this - often people will get a physical pain in the exact spot where they have been injured in a past life. By clearing the aura it can enable you to ‘tune in’ to these past life memories and that in turn can help you understand more about what you are experiencing now, It can also help to release any fears or phobias that are blocking you. This can also work in a positive way as many ancient cultures/tribes were much more spiritually attuned. our ancestors had more respect for nature and seemed to be more in harmony with the planet. much can be said about “getting back to our roots” by tuning into the genetic DNA code of our ancestors.

Childhood memories can affect also the aura, so if you are aware that things were quite stressful when you were younger it is important to work on the lower chakra’s (earth star, base, sacral and solar plexus) By cleansing the aura, you will be able to connect with your higher self and you will be able to recall on a subconscious level all previous knowledge and ‘tune in’ to your life goal much quicker.

Donna runs day workshops helping you to understand and clear your aura, she also offers a guided meditation Cd that helps you cleanse and balance your aura. Contact her at Donnamaxine@aol.com for more information.


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