Finding Your Souls Pathway

My belief is that we are all part of the same source or vibration and we come to earth in soul groups. Within each close soul group we all have a different role to play in helping us develop, both individually and as a collective group. i.e: teacher, servant, healer, prophet etc. Soul groups have a similar vibration, so if one of the group is going through a testing time the people close to them have either gone through the same situation so can give advice, or two close members of the same soul group can be going through similar circumstances (good and bad) at the same time, so they can support each other.

Before we came to earth in this human form our soul had already chosen the role it would play in the group, the path we would follow and the challenges we would need to overcome in order to grow. our higher self is aware of what those choices were and that is why you must always listen to your 'gut instinct', as that is how your higher self communicates with your mind, (the outer layers - layer eight, nine, ten and eleven of the Aura hold the blueprint of the souls purpose, memories from past lives and the access to the akashic records - a record of everything the soul has ever experienced and what it has chosen to work through). That is why it is so helpful to keep your auric layers as clear as possible so your mind does not stop you following your instinct and fulfilling your chosen life plan.
We usually only have two or three lessons to learn in one life time but you will be tested time after time through several different circumstances to know that you have truly grown! The older souls tent to have a "harder life" as they would have agreed to overcome more difficult obstacles (or what other people would see to be more difficult) in this lifetime, but if we are constantly blocking our self through fear based on past experiences we can sometimes make things much harder than it needs to be. The main lesson for all of us is unconditional love in its purest meaning.

We have also been given free will, which is another expression for our mind or ego, this free will is our human reaction to situations and ultimately can delay or block the souls progress on its chosen path, this links to the mental layer of the Aura.

Many people believe that the star sign that we are born under is also predestined as it will influence our personality traits, because the first hurdle the soul has to overcome is the persons free will - this does make sense. When we have these 'karmic tests' it is not the situation that is the test, but our reaction to the situation, e.g. if the soul lesson is to learn tolerance they will be born under a particulary impatient star sign, or if the soul lesson is acceptance they would be born under a star sign that is very analytical as the soul will have to battle with this aspect of their personality.

How Do You Know You Are On The Correct Soul Path?

Keeping your Aura as clear as possible can stop you becoming drained from outside influences and help you to 'tune in' to your souls purpose.
Usually, when you are on the correct soul path, you will have a lot of synchronicity (coincidence) helping events flow into your life - but this is not always the case. If your soul has chosen to work through lessons of perseverance and patience, you may have to go through certain challenges before things can work out. The challenge sometimes is knowing when you are being blocked for your higher good or when it is part of your learning process - usually when it is part of your learning process you will have an inner acceptance come to you quite quickly and will find it quite easy to 'go with the flow'. When you are feeling very upset/angry/confused or fustrated, it can often indicate that you are not tuning into your higher self and are most likely being blocked because you are not following your higher self.
Sometimes when you feel as though you are being held back in a situation, it maybe because at this time somebody in your soul group will be needing support from you, when you have helped them work through whatever the situation is, you will find your own life will flow with more harmony.

If you find yourself making decisions that 'feel' wrong in your solar plexus, then you are usually resisting your destiny path, if you are unsure what you are supposed to do about a situation, try and meditate as it can help you find the correct answers within. You must always listen to your higher self and if you know it is time to end a relationship or friendship it obviously can be painful for both parties - but we have to remember that we could be blocking the other persons soul growth if we stay in the relationship using the excuse that you cannot hurt the other person - usually that would be your 'test' perhaps in previous lives you did not have courage to "let go" of things or enough self love to feel worthy of true happiness.

'Karma' And Soul Growth

The 'karmic law' that we relate to in our daily lives is formed on the basis of the universal law of cause and effect and originates from the eastern religions of Hindu and Buddism. The basic principles of karma that most people can relate to are "YOU REAP AS YOU SOW", which basically means what you have 'given out' in one life you will get back in this one and every action we do comes back 'tenfold' which is either ten times better or worse than what we have done. It is frequently referred to as "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND".
Often we experience what we call a 'karmic test' which is usually when a situation (often more than one aspect of your life will go "pear shaped" at the same time - finances, relationships, health etc) seems to be outside of your control. You can also have 'mini karmic tests' which you can create and deal with in this lifetime. (I.e. if you were to steal something in this life time, within the next few years you would more than likely have something taken from you).

The souls development is of paramount importance and although you will have many relationships in this lifetime, with family, friends, children, partners, the best one to concentrate on is your relationship with your higher self as that will be your best teacher. You are born with a soul purpose that you have chosen before you come down to earth that is called your Dharma which is the same purpose that your soul does in every lifetime i.e. to be a teacher, helper, scholar, etc. Along the way your soul is also here to learn the lessons that it has chosen for this particular lifetime.

There are several levels of souls from young soul through to old soul. The higher level of soul are normally the ones that Guide the younger souls but they are also learning - often patience or acceptance in the process of helping the younger soul find its way. Most soul groups are together in several lives in many different types of relationships i.e your partner could have been your parent in a previous life.

Sometimes the 'blocks' we experience run deeper than basic human personality traits (such as phobias that rule your life, excessive fear of rejection, never being able to finish what you start etc) - in this case the 'root cause' of your problems is most likely linked to a past life memory. The main block most of us face is fear of losing control of a situation but there is really nothing to fear but fear itself.
Obviously you cannot easily recall who you were or what you have done in previous lives as you would not be able to learn anything - it would be like continually referring to a reference book while you were sitting an exam.

You can also have Karmic Gifts in the shape of people or opportunities that our put in our life to help us achieve our goals. We are born with a 'blueprint' of our destiny, the way we arrive at our destination depends on us. We do have "sign posts" that come into our life to help us on our way. This can be a best friend, a teacher, a counsellor or somebody you have a two minute conversation with that can throw a new perspective on a situation.


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