We will only be concentrating on the seven major Chakras here. The first four are "programmed" when we are very young and if we have had an emotional or traumatic incident in our younger life they can stay blocked for many years.

Even when you have managed to balance and realign the Chakras, emotional stress and everyday problems can throw them out of balance and they will need realigning. Therefore you would need to keep rebalancing the Chakras as they can easily become unbalanced when we experience fear, stress, arguments, anger or any extreme emotion, or spend too much time surrounded by negative or insensitive people.

It is each one of these seven energy centres that we need to try to keep as balanced as possible so that our Aura, mental and physical body is working in harmony with the universal energies (visualise the energy flowing like a river, if there was a tree that had fallen in the river, the water would have to seperate to carry on flowing past the tree, however if several trees had fallen over a period of time the water would become blocked and then build up threatening to 'burst' out or overspill at any moment).

It is of utmost importance that when you open up to do a healing session or a reading that you close down these Chakras When you have finished as you can become very unbalanced and what is known as 'ungrounded' where you can become over emotional, unable to concentrate and seem to lose touch with reality. If one Chakra is out of balance it can affect the others nearist to it.

When you are going through times of emotional stress, anger or upheavel. You can open and close the relevant Chakras to help you cope with the situation. Before you do this it is obviously very important that you have got your Chakras balanced first, otherwise you would be acting in an inappropriate manner in the first place. (Remember Chakras are programmed from the age of five, so therefore you could be reacting on the same emotional level as a child.)

Apart from around the head and shoulders, the colours in the Aura are often more vibrant around the Chakras and easier to see, so it may help you to focus on the person's third eye or crown Chakra.

Fear and anxiety can block the Chakras very quickly. If a Chakra becomes under active we will find it hard to cope with daily problems etc, and the energy levels in the Aura become depleted. If the Chakra becomes overactive you will become too restless and be unable to concentrate on one thing at a time.
Healing and meditation are the best way to balance your Chakras. You can also place the associated crystal on the Chakra and ask the relevant Angel to send healing to that Chakra. If you have a problem meditating then try writing down painful memories or letters to people that have affected your life and burning them or burying them can help release a lot. Asking your Angels or Guides to remove the blocks sounds basic but it really does help a lot. Affirmations said daily can also help a lot. Also try using a Mandala of the colors most associated with the Chakras you need to balance to mediate with as this can also help release a lot of painful memories or negativity.

Closing Down

Whenever you open your third eye or any other Chakra you must close down again, otherwise you can become "ungrounded" and will be unable to concentrate, being muddled and foggy with your thoughts and feeling especially sensitive.

Look up to the point where your eyebrows meet and visualise a door being pulled shut and the light growing dimmer and dimmer. Now visualise a circle with a cross in the middle, being placed over each Chakra, starting with the base and finishing with the crown.
Starting at the Base (groin) up to the top (crown) the order for closing down is.

Please click on a Chakra name for a desription

Chakra Location Colour
Base groin area RED
Sacral just under navel ORANGE
Solar Plexus between the navel and the ribs YELLOW
Heart centre of the chest GREEN/PINK
Throat centre of the throat BLUE
Third Eye centre of the forehead BLUE/INDIGO
Crown top of the head VIOLET/WHITE

After this imagine a silk or velvet cloak (any colour will work but blue or purple is a good colour to use) being placed over your shoulders. Visualise the hood being pulled over your forehead until it meets your eyebrows, then wrap it around your body tightly, that is your cloak of protection.
Also it can help to visualise seven rings of light around your body. It also can help to carry a Carnelian or Obsidian crystal around in a trouser, jacket or skirt pocket, (failing that a handbag) as this can help keep you grounded and will help you with daily decisions.



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