Hara Line Chakras

With all these Hara line Chakras, because they are found in our energy field they can be situated in different places from day to day. I am giving you the approximate location for them. You must go by how you feel if you are working on your own energy field, or you can dowse the Aura to find them. They are usually much smaller than the linear Chakras but have a huge influence on our Aura and the vibration we send out.

Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra, which is situated between 6-12 inches below the feet in the earth. This very important Chakra grounds us in this phsical incarnation and is vital to our well being.
The different levels of our energy field or Aura are also anchored into this Chakra when we enter into this physical existence. This is not a new Chakra as such, but many energy workers are not aware of the importance of this Chakra. The colour associated with this Chakra are Gold/Brown/Green and earthy colours. Although some people see it as a Yin/Yang symbol. When i am visualising it for myself, I see it as a crystal bowl overflowing with pale green light energy. I often visualise twelve gold strands of light pouring from my feet connecting me to the bowl.

Navel Chakra

This is found in approximately three to six inches into the Auric field situated between the Base and Sacral Chakra. It often helps to visualise twelve gold strands of light coming from the Base and Sacral Chakras, connecting you to a pyramid shape of energy glowing a lovely Peach/Gold colour. This Chakra is a very strong point that links with the Hara line.

Thymus Chakra (higher heart chakra)

The Thymus is another very important Chakra which is situated below the throat and above the Heart Chakra (its often know as the higher heart chakra) where your thymus gland is and this Chakra is like a bridge that links the lower physical feelings and the higher spiritual feelings. If you physically tap on your Thymus Chakra everyday it helps you to tune in and become more physically aware, but just focusing your thoughts on this area can help it connect. It is usually seen as bright turquoise or aqua colour with flecks of gold. If you want to channel the guides through or if you want to hear spirit, you need to get this Chakra activated and then balanced to allow this energy to work with your Throat Chakra energy. So if you just tap it ten times before you sit in a circle or meditation group it unlocks something and helps the psychic messages come through clearer. Even if you don't want to particularly open your psychic side, balancing this Chakra can help you make your daily life decisions easier as it connects you to your higher self and helps you instictually know what to do for the best.

Soul Star Chakra

Another important newly awakened Chakra that is usually called the Soul Star Chakra; or you will often find it referred to as the Zeal Point Chakra. It is situated at the back of the neck at the base of the skull, just where there is an indentation - although it is often found 3-6 inches into the Auric field and is slightly bigger than a golf ball. This Chakra works more on a Transpersonal Level, it works at the Soul Level of our Aura and specifically can connect us with past life information stored in layer nine of the Aura and needs to be in balance if you wanted to 'tune in' to past life or cellular memories clearly (which is situated out and above the Crown Chakra in the Aura - this is classed as an out of body Chakra , most therapists do not work on this level of the Chakras). The colour associated with the Soul Star Chakra is magenta infused with pure white light, although some people see it as a very light lilac purple and others as silver. When i am visualising mine, I see it as a deep magenta pink surrounded by a glowing gold light - but you must go with the first colour that springs to mind when you focus on it - as it is an energy Chakra it can evolve and change the more we develop along our spiritual path.

The Golden Crown (casual-eternal or gateway Chakra)

Another Chakra that is helpful to work on is often called "The Golden Crown". This Chakra is just above the Crown Chakra centre and links us directly with layer eight of the Aura which contains the Akashic Records and past lessons of the souls incarnations. Once this Chakra is cleared and the energy is flowing, the soul can move forward on its chosen path without any confusion or anxiety.

The Universal Mind (stellar gateway Chakra)

This is the Chakra that is the main link with the Universe and is a very small very light gold Chakra situated anywhere between nine to sixteen inches above the Crown Chakra. It is the Chakra that links to the layers eleven and twelve of the Aura that helps with the ascension of our soul to a higher plane - which helps us to connect with our guides much easier and links with Angel Metatron. All of the Chakras have different Angels that work with them but Metatron is a very high powerful energy that links directly to God (or whichever power you believe in) and can help the soul along its chosen path by clearing away obstacles.
Be aware though that energy associated with Metatron is very powerful and can bring very swift changes into your life, so make sure you are ready to accept whatever changes are necessary for you to move along your path spiritually - often people find their job or relationship can change suddenly after working at this vibration, although it is such a powerful healing energy whatever changes come about are for the highest good.

Connecting Your Hara Line Chakras

Your Hara is a line of energy running through the centre of your body through your Chakras, running from the centre of your Earth Star Chakra and it goes up your body and comes out of the top of the crown as a line, going up to the source of Universal energy available to us. It keeps you grounded on the planet
It helps us link to our more spiritual Chakras-often referred to as the gateway or stellar Chakras, these hold information about our souls chosen pathway. Our past life memories and different 'tools' we can access to help us in our quest for spiritual enlightenment.
The strongest points to 'link' into the Hara Chakras is via the Sacral Chakra and Thymus (higher heart). If you visualise several white or gold strands of light pouring from either of these Chakras and gathering into a ball approximately 9-12" from the body, you can feel the energy change.
The easiest way to begin to connect to the Hara line energy is by simply visualising it as a very delicate, shimmering white, silver or gold cord of light made up of several strands of thread that all hold different information, that cord runs runs up through your body and out of the top of your head.
The more frequently you focus on it, the 'stronger' your link will become. You will feel more tuned in to your psychic intuition and will be able to 'sense' what you should be doing about confusing situations in your life-it also helps you see what is wrong with other people more easily and can help you have greater compassion.
The Hara line can become bent and 'worn' (just as a cord made up of several strands can unravel) so focusing on it will help strengthen it to prevent damage. There is a second line, a horizontal line also know as the Hara that runs through the Solar Plexus. For women this line runs from side to side, for men it runs front to back, the lines then meet in the middle and form a quadrant at the solar plexus. It is often called the human solar cross.
When we have the two lines running compatibly it greatly enhances the solar plexus and increases our energy level and confidence.
Also because the female lines run from side to side and the male energy runs from front to back, if you have a couple whose lines are compatible, they will have a harmonious. But if you have a couple that have fragile Hara lines, they can get caught up in each other and that is when obsession and other damaging emotions start to affect the relationship.
The main Chakras you need to concentrate on to help you connect to your Hara Chakras is the one under your feet-the Earth Star Chakra, the Navel Chakra (between the base and sacral) the Thymus Chakra and the one at the back of the neck, often referred to as the Soul Star Chakra, or gateway Chakras. By keeping these as balanced as possible your other Chakras will be able to connect with the Hara line and you will lift your vibration. Once these three Chakras are activated you will then find other Chakras will start to open upin the Aura (energy field), heightening your psychic awareness.


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