About Chakras

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle, so therefore a Chakra is a "wheel" of energy that spins round and round and travels from front to back through the body and the Aura. You cannot see them easily with your eyes, but you can often begin to see or feel them when you learn to see the Aura. Some people prefer to dowse the Chakras with a pendulum to see if they are out of balance.

There are many energy points in the body that are known as Chakras. The most commonly known are the seven main energy centres in the body and they are the major Chakras that are the strongest link with the Aura. They run in a straight line up your body from the base of your spine (the Kundalini), to the top of your head (Crown Chakra). There are now five more chakra points that have become more active over the last few years as the earths energy is changing, these are known as hara line or fifth dimension chakras and they link to the outer layers of our aura.

It is these twelve main energy 'centres' that link to the Aura. It is said that the Chakras each relate to a layer of the Aura. When they are balanced the Chakras would usually measure between 6" - 8" diameter and the energy would flow into the Aura, similar to a gentle whirlpool. However, if one or more of the Chakras become blocked or stagnated, they can 'leak' into the Aura and the energy would become more like a hurricane than a gentle whirlpool, disrupting the energy flow in the Aura, throwing the other Chakras out of balance. The events that happen to us in our life, starting from approximately age five, can influence the quality of the Chakra enormously. For want of a better word they are "programmed" similar to a computer disc. So if you had a stressful past, it would keep your Chakras out of balance.

Our Aura and emotional and physical well-being are greatly affected when the Chakras are out of balance. If you are unwell or depressed, it is very important to balance the Chakras. If you want to help others by doing healing or guidance of any kind, it is important to have your own Chakras as balanced as possible, especially the first seven that runs from the base to the crown chakra.

Going right back to 12BC there are records showing that many cultures had their own ideas about Chakras. There are many different names, symbols and colours associated with these seven Chakras, according to different beliefs or religions. They are often symbolised by lotus petals.

There are lots of different ways of balancing your Chakras from visualisation techniques during meditation to healing the body with one of the many different types of healing that is available. Crystals are also a good way to help balance the energies out and burning a candle associated to the colour of a particular Chakra and visualising that colour filling the Chakra helps alot. Also burning particular oils/incense that relates to a particular Chakra can help balance it, or saying daily affirmations.

Some people find it helpful to make their own Chakra cards with affirmations or colours (or both) connected with aparticular Chakra, and to work with these cards to help strengthen any weak spots in the Aura.

At the base of your spine there is a strong energy that drives the Chakras, that is known as the Kundalini. It is most often pictured as a coiled snake sleeping. It is supposed to spiral up the body, activating the various Chakras. When it reaches the crown Chakra the male and female energies are meant to join together and offer enlightenment. It is a very powerful energy and unless you are a very experienced healer or medium it is NOT advisable to try and awaken this energy, as if used incorrectly it can cause all types of problems, mentally and physically.

How The Chakras Connect To The Aura

The Aura has layers of energy, the ones closest to the body affect our physical and mental wellbeing and stores childhood memories and any blocks. As it radiates further out from the body it links into our higher self, helping us understand our souls purpose and reflects past life knowledge.

Each of the Chakras link with layers of the Aura and each other. The first seven Chakras are often known as the linear Chakras. The Base to the Heart Chakra relates to the first three layers of the Aura and therefore can greatly influence our health and emotional life.

The Throat and Third Eye Chakras link very much with our higher self and can help us follow our intuition to do what is right for our soul.

The Crown Chakra is the one that links us to the more spiritual Chakras and just above the Crown Chakra is another Chakra that is often referred to as the casual or gateway Chakra as it opens us up to our spiritual knowledge where we can tap into past life memories and link to the Universe. This also links to layer ten and eleven in the Aura.

The Chakras also link to each other in 'pairs' so if one was out of balance the other would also be out-
The Base links to the Heart.
The Sacral links to the Throat.
The Solar Plexus links to the Third Eye.

These Chakras vibrate at a higher frequency and as the vibration of the planet is speeding up these are the ones we will need to link into to be able to adjust to the changes without fear.

The Thymus Chakra which is often called the the higher Heart Chakra is the link between the physical and spiritual layers of the Aura and it is important to keep it as balanced as possible.

At the back of the neck is the Soul Star Chakra which affects the ninth layer of the Aura and can hold past life blocks and information.

The outer layer of our Aura is like a fluid moving energy field and the Stellar Gateway Chakra is the highest point of the Aura and helps us link to the source of pure energy of the Universe.


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